Online Grievance Redressal System

Rural Development Department, Government of Sikkim

The Online Grievance Redressal System is a system that enables citizens to register their grievances and seek redress/ answers from the Rural Development Department, Sikkim. Main objectives of this system is:

  • Availability: Allows registration of grievance 24 x 7.
  • Transparency: Grievances cannot be deleted/tampered by anyone including the admin.
  • Tracking: Unique Grievance Number available for tracking.

How To Post Grievance

How To Post Grievance

1. Register in Sikkim SSO

Goto and create an account.

2. Login using Sikkim SSO Account

Goto and login using your Sikkim SSO Credentials

3. Fill the Form

Fill Grievance Form and Submit.

Or Post Grievance as Guest

Or Post Grievance as Guest

Post Grievance as Guest User

No need to create Account. Just Click on Post Grievance, fill up the grievance form and submit.


Sikkim Single Signon System


Single Window

Single Window to Access Sikkim Government Services

Single User, Single Password

No more excessive number of passwords to remember

More Security

With one password to remember, a user can easily create and remember a unique and secure password.

Helps with compliance

SSO helps organizations to enforce better security policies.